Student Reviews
Nancy - Director of Emergency Depart/Emergency Preparedness Coordinator – Copley Hospital
Chris – Plant Operations Manager – Spring Hill Hospital
"Each year Hot Zone develops scenarios, delivery techniques and training materials that are fresh and keep my team member's attention.

The Hot Zone Team takes the extra time to preplan training by arriving at the site early, having pre-training meetings and always providing follow-ups and reviews to ensure that our needs were met. Their instructors are extremely professional and bring a tremendous amount of value to our training program, which supports membership retention."
Over the years we have worked with hundreds of clients and trained thousands of students. After every class we administer a survey with multiple questions, a rating system and a comment section. The overwhelming majority of students rate our courses either 4 or 5 out of 5. 

 “Very valuable in explaining technique in the field, great asset for hands on experience. This was the most useful conference (both didactic & hands on) that I have ever had. I know I will be calling on you folks for more into – many thanks!”
“This is a fantastic course. This system should be adopted at the state level for all hospitals to utilize. Adopting this system would save time, money and provide a much safer environment for all involved in an incident.”
John – Security Manager – NCH Healthcare System
Neil - Environmental Health Technician – Fletcher Allen Health Care
Jeremy – Director, Safety/Security/EP – North Florida Regional Medical Center
“In 40 years of Law Enforcement and Security training this is the best organized and through training I have been a part of. The simplicity of this program and the absolute value of the concepts taught emphasize the importance of implementing this program in our hospital as soon as possible.”  
 “Course was very informative, and well taught. Great content, examples, and programs for the hospitals to use. Really enjoyed the organization of the hands on portion. Overall, excellent course!”
 “This was a terrific course for anyone with any level of prior knowledge who is responsible for decon activity. The level of access to all staff of Burgess is exceptional. The amount of resource material given is unprecedented in my opinion and more than pays for course fee! Thanks!!”
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David - Safety Engineer/ERT Coordinator - IBM Watson
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